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what breed is my dog

  1. What breed(s) is my dog??

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I have what I believe to be a silky wirehaired dachshund mix, but I would really like to know more on what he is without paying $100 for a DNA test. He turns 2 on April 23, he is 14.5 lbs, and has long, wavy, SOFT not wirey feeling, blonde hair when left natural. He also has the Dudley gene...
  2. Can you tell me his breed ? please

    My best friend just passed, We were like brothers and we could talk to each other without using our voice. We did everything together and had fun all day long. His name is Dukie a boy about 54 pounds. I rescued him from a shelter 6 years ago at that time they said he was about 4. He had this...
  3. Fully pit or mixed? What kind of pit?

    General Dog Discussion
    So I work at a vet and we had this pit come in as a rescue. Wondering if you think it's full pit or is mixed with something else. If you do you think it's full pit, it would be awesome to know just what kind of pit it is. If you think it's mixed please let me know what breed you think it's mixed...
  4. What breed is my mystery puppy??

    New Additions
    Hi all, This is my new puppy Remy. He is a rescue, estimated at 3-4 months old by the vet. He was listed as a Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, which the vet agrees with. However, he has some abnormalities and people have pointed to his facial coloring to indicate that he might be a...
  5. Any opinions on her possible breed(s)?

    New Additions
    Hello, I'm new to this forum & I'm wanting opinions on our dog's possible breed(s).:ponder: We adopted her from our local humane society in Nov., & they had her down as a hound/shepherd mix. She weighs about 50 pounds & is about a year old. She absolutely loves to play tug of war with her...
  6. What mix of breeds is my dog?

    New Additions
    This past summer I adopted a wonderful little puppy named Macie at one of the shelters in my area. She was about three months old at the time and they said she was a Heinz 57, but believed she had spaniel traits. I didn't think much of what she could have been mixed with because at the time it...