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  1. Fat pug

    Dog Health
    I have an 11 week old female pug. It's been with me for 4 weeks, and I believe It's getting fat. 4 weeks ago it weighed 1.3 kg, now it weighs 2.7 kg. There is no noticable growth in the puppy's height, however its getting fatter by the day. I feed it 4 meals of puppy dry food daily. Each meal...
  2. Picky eating habits returned

    Dog Food
    Hello, I posted a while back that I had adopted a Plotthound who was being extremely picky with her food. After MUCH trial and error, she was consistently eating her meals and subsequently gaining weight, you could no longer see her ribs and she actually looked healthy, her coat was shiny and...
  3. Advice Needed Regarding Second Dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello fellow dog lovers, I have a small dilemma with the sizing of a puppy. A few months ago our beloved Labradoodle passed away leaving his brother, a German Shepherd Corgi. My family and I have been looking for a puppy that will meet our standards. My father and I are more partial to a...
  4. Normal weight for a 12 week old dalmatian

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! I'm new here so forgive me if I broke any rules... I recently adopted a purebred Dalmatian on Monday, she was born on Aug 11th but recently weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds at the vet. Is this normal for a Dalmatian? Her parents look about average size. I'm just curious about how big...
  5. Fit Dogs: Healthy Weight?

    General Dog Discussion
    I am part of this Facebook group dedicated to fit dogs but for some reason it has become a bunch of people dedicated to "bulked up" dogs. I am not against that if that is what you want but if I have heard "pet weight" used in a negative context once I have heard it a thousand times. I wanted...
  6. Dog breed? How big will he be?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I have no idea what breed my baby Mylo is. He is a mixed breed, could be more than just two breeds. He is 5.5 months old, weighs 19 lbs, and is about 17 inches tall. What kind of breed do y'all think he might be? / How big do y'all think he will get? I was told by the people I bought him...
  7. Bull Terrier growth?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, I just have a curiosity. I met a guy earlier at the dog park with a 6 months old bull terrier puppy. She's a girl and weighs 13 kg now (28 pounds). I asked the owner how big he thinks she'll get and he told me she should weigh around 28 kg (61 pounds) as an adult. To be honest that sounded...
  8. Survey: How much did your dog weigh at 8 weeks?

    General Dog Discussion
    How much did your dog weigh when he/she was 8 weeks old? What breed? How much does he/she weigh now as an adult?
  9. Verge or being over weight?

    Dog Food
    Hi everyone! I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Milly and she is 2 years old. I went to the vet the other day because I was concerned about her weight and they said that she was right on the verge of being overweight. Her waist line is a bit difficult to see. The average weight for a...
  10. Cocker Spaniel Normal Weight?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, so please let me know if similar questions are posted elsewhere or if I'm posting in the right section :) I am a first time dog mama to a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy named Henry that I adopted from a rescue group. When I first got him in February he was 4 months...
  11. GSD American Pitbull Terrier cross

    New Additions
    I rescued this 'free' puppy about 3 weeks ago and since then she's cost me a couple bucks, even though the former owner reassured she's in good health. Anyway, the previous owner told me she's half German Shepherd and rednose pit but I'm not sure. I was wondering if anyone else has this mix dog...
  12. Should I Switch to Home-Cooked Food?

    Dog Food
    My 5 month old puppy has recently been showing not a lot of intersest in his food. We get him Merrick Puppy Chow, and he seemed to love it, but lately he's been eating about 1/3 of the recommended 2 cups for his weight. He is always exited for people food, though. So last night we gave him 1/3...
  13. Trying to put weight on a large dog.

    Dog Health
    When we first got Tudds he was 93lbs. We had him up to 120, now he's 110. Heres what he was eating. 4Health, Performance Brand Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, ground rice, cracked pearled barley, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), egg product, dried plain beet pulp, flaxseed...
  14. How much weight can my dog pull?

    General Dog Discussion
    :ponder: so i have a doberman x Rottweiler x shepherd mix weighing 65 pounds, shes about 2 years old, and i have gotten her a pulling harness as well as a wooden sled and was wondering what is the maximum she should be able to pull? she has no issue pulling my 3 years old nephew (25 pounds)...
  15. How much weight can my dog pull?

    Dog Performance Sports
    so i have a doberman x Rottweiler x shepherd mix weighing 65 pounds, shes about 2 years old, and i have gotten her a pulling harness as well as a wooden sled and was wondering what is the maximum she should be able to pull? she has no issue pulling my 3 years old nephew (25 pounds) around the...
  16. What breed is my puppy?!

    Dog Breeds
    Olive is a 15 week old mixed breed. We were TOLD her mother is a border collie/rat terrier mix (about 15 pounds) and her dad is a larger black Chihuahua (about 8 pounds) ... although we don't see much Chihuahua in her at all. When we got her at 8 weeks, she was about 4.5 pounds and has been...
  17. Seeing more and more overweight dogs

    Dog Health
    This is a little bit of a rant. Recently I posted a thread asking about whether my dog was too skinny, I was assured that he wasn't and I was being told that by people who were used to seeing fat dogs. Since then I've been really looking at dogs weight and am appalled at how many are...
  18. Need help!

    Puppy Help
    Can anyone tell me what the approximate weight of a 13 week old German Short Haired Pointer should be? We are looking at one today and I would like to know if it is of average size. :confused: Thank you!!
  19. She seems a little skinny.

    Dog Health
    I just adopted a a 1.5 year old English Pointer froma friend of mine. Today was her first full day here, she seems to be doing well, but has yet to eat any of her food. Im sure its her adjusting, just curious how long she will not eat. We have a vet appt. monday, I will be asking about her...