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  1. Dog Health
    Hi Everyone I am the owner of a beautiful ex-racing greyhound who is 8 next month. She has a lovely, loving calm temperament but is very sensitive to bangs, loud noises or any sort of surprise noise. Since my boyfriend and I have had her we have always had to leave the back door open if out...
  2. Puppy Help
    Hello, Last week we just got our first puppy, it is chow-samoyed mix and is 8 weeks old. When we first brought her she was nice and calm, however, now when the time goes she seems to be more and more naughty! and we becoming quite :eek: First of all, she biting us all the time, most of the...
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, We have a 6 year old, male, west highland white terrier who is always weeing next to the back door. We let him outside for a wee regulary and know its summer the back door is more or less permanatly open. Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop this? Thanks
  4. Dog Training and Behavior
    Jessie is approx a 4 years old rescue, Jack russell cross. We have had her about 6 weeks and she is truely wonderful. In her previous home, I understand , she was left all day with newspaper down and walked very rarely. I leave her approx 8.30 am until noon ( she has two walks prior to this )...