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  1. In this video, is my dog playfull and happy, or is he angry and protesting?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey All. I'm having a problem understanding if my dog likes it or not. Can you help me?
  2. Dock Diving Anyone?

    Dog Performance Sports
    I am thinking about competing in dock diving when my 6 week old lab x shepherd gets old enough. Any advice on how to start? How old to start? How to introduce water? Anything? Thank You! [/url]IMG_0574 by EmberdaDog, on Flickr[/IMG]
  3. Puppy is deathly afraid of water. Solutions?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Jax is a 7 month old Queensland Heeler mixed with a German Shepard. He was separated from his mother at 3 weeks and I have cared for him ever since. He is healthy and everything a dog could be. But whenever I bring out a hose to water plants, or wash my car, or just give water in him bowl he...
  4. Love the Water - Hates the Pool!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our dog, Kefi, is almost 2, and a mixed breed, miniature schnauzer/chihuahua (+5 other "DNA's") who loves to play with water! She loved to catch water from the hose and loves to try and catch/drink water when we splash her while we are in the pool. She has even stepped onto the first step on her...
  5. Dogs Playing in Water!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Post your pool or ocean pics & videos here! Here are a couple of Ollie, Lola, and dog buddies Underwater View of Dogs Swimming Lola Ruins the Doggy "Pool" Lola's First Time in the Ocean...
  6. My dog drinks a lot of water (2.5 gal/day and a half)

    Dog Health
    My 9 month old bloodhound/French mastiff has recently started drinking what seems to me an excessive amount of water. I have a 2.5 gallon automatic water dispenser and I find myself refilling it every other day sometimes more often. I've heard that large dogs are prone to bloating from excessive...
  7. input wanted: kennel water and more.

    General Dog Discussion
    So i'm a new member to the forum. i've been a dog owner my whole life, but never really got into forums until recently and they've proven their worth. I have a salt water fish tank at home and rely on forums for a lot of questions and problems i come across in the hobby. I figured a dog forum...
  8. I need to give my dog a bath but he hates water

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dogs have been infested with fleas. I have found a lot of different, cheap ways to help them like blue dawn soap and what not. One dog is okay with taking a bath, but my other dog is terrified of getting wet. He'a a pit bull and he has never liked being wet so giving him a bath has always...
  9. Leaving water bowl inside crate at all times - yay or nay?

    When crate training a young pup, should we leave their water bowl inside the crate with them all the time? Or should we remove it after they're done eating along with their food dish? I've read differing opinions -- obviously some people insist that the dog needs access to water at all time...
  10. dogs hate water?

    Dog Grooming
    both my puppies hate water from hoses! any time i turn it on to fill waters or anything they freak and run away but they will go in the pound we have and play in it... who to get them to like water from hoses?
  11. Restricting water intake

    Dog Food
    My terrier drinks lots of water - so much that his poop tends to be soft (not runny). He doesn't have any medical problems and gets plenty of dry food. What is the "right amount" of water? He gets thirsty at night; should I allow water after 9p? Thanks.