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  1. Dog Health
    Hi. Can any one offer any in site to the wart shown in the image that has suddenly appeared on our dachshunds head just above her ear? It started out quite small but has grown quite big in the last week.
  2. Introductions
    My 12 year old Toy Poodle has some welts on his skin. We live in a tropical area, with an overabundance of fleas, lice and ticks. He used to have a lot of these, and that may be one of the reasons why he has these welts (due to scratching). However, during the past 3 months he has been...
  3. Dog Health
    My Chihuahua started to get some type of growth on her nose, it looks like a wart. It started off like a small bump now its growing out. Looking to see what it could be? and to remove it if possible. Just low on funds for a vet. Please help. Thanks
  4. Dog Health
    A strange growth has appeared on my puppys front leg (elbow joint), it looks to be papillomas. Has anyone else experienced a simiular issue with their dog? My puppy is an 11th month Jack Russell miniature.
  5. Puppy Help
    If possible could someone please help me identify this strange wart which has only recently appeared on my puppy's front leg (elbow joint). It appears to be getting larger within the few days which I first noticed it. My dog is an 11th month miniature Jack Russell. Has anyone else ever had a...
  6. Dog Health
    I was out of town last week, so my mother watched my 4 year-old Weimaraner for me. He's always a little ichy/licks a bit after he stays with her because he's a littler sensitive to grass. This time around I noticed him licking his paws a little more than usual, so naturally I investigated and am...