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  1. Pot retraining

    Hey, guys. I have a lovely and super calm 2-year-old Boston Terrier. He’d never caused me any trouble except for the seasonal shedding, which is more than expected for this breed. We are a family of three, just my husband, my son and I, and we live in an apartment which isn’t exactly big but...
  2. I need your help! :)

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for adding me to the group, I'm conducting a survey for my final year project, it's for a Dog app that would track and display your walking routes in the form of heat-maps and also provide you with recommendations of nearby places to visit . I would really appreciate if you...
  3. 5 month old puppy suddenly refuses to go on a walk!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a puppy that we have had since 8 weeks old. Have been taking walks almost every day. started puppy classes at 4 months and they use the pincher collar. We have started with that and our dog's whole demeaner changes when we put it on. But her behavior on walks, in the park etc improve...