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  1. Pulmonary Embolisms in Dogs

    Hi, posting for the first time here :) Our 3 and 1/2 year old Vizsla, Molly, just passed away last Monday under anesthesia. This only occurs in 99.85% of cases, so when they did the autopsy, they found that it was a PE (pulmonary embolism). After this devastation, I want to become more active...
  2. The right decision? good, honest and objective advise required

    Hi there, my name is Patrick - dog lover since childhood - and writing here to get a good, honest and sincere opinion on wether getting a dog is the right decision. I am mainly scared of two things (1) being a bad god owner.... and (2) destructive behavior which might get me in trouble. I did...
  3. Separation Anxiety and Dog Sitting

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm dog sitting for my girlfriend, who's in orientation for a new job. The orientation is in another town, so we're staying in a pet-friendly hotel. I was looking forward to it--I like her dog, a vizsla-mutt, and I like exploring new cities. I figured I'd spend a lot of time with the dog, both...
  4. Is my dog a vizsla/lab mix?

    Dog Breeds
    We got this dog when she was 3 months old. She is so cute. We thought she was a coonhound mix at first. Then we researched and she doesn't have the face or ears for a coonhound. Then we thought she was a vizsla. She doesn't have the ears for that either. She kind of looks like a lab in the face...
  5. Object possessiveness with other dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I have a year-old male Vizsla, and he has recently started being possessive with objects, but only with other dogs. He allows us to reach in his mouth to take things, food, etc, away from him and has never growled at us or shown any aggression towards us, but he becomes more aggressive...