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  1. An accident that has caused leg and foot problems.

    Dog Health
    Hello, My dog Turbo is a happy active kelpie. He fell off the back of a ute a few years ago, hyper-extending his wrist. After a long recovery he can still walk on it, but we keep having continuous issues with that leg and paw. The pad of his injured leg is... I want to say weaker than it use...
  2. Actual working vitamins and supplements

    Dog Health
    Last year I was informed by my vet that my 3 year old Molly was born with loose patellas, a birth defect my vet thinks. There is a possibility that she might need surgery in the future but I am wondering if by managing her weight, and making a tramp for her along with giving her vitamins and...
  3. Best vitamins for mobility/brain??

    Dog Health
    Hey, I have a rather elderly little dog, Lottie, she's 16 and her mobility is getting a little slower. Her back legs are slightly stiff and take a second to catch up, and her back has become rather arched over the years. Does anyone have suggestions for a really good mobility vitamin available...
  4. Is Acana Chicken/Potato enough?

    Dog Food
    I have a big female Newfie mix - about 4. I've had her on Acana for some time now. But does she need any greens/fruit supplement beyond what is included in the kibble? I live in Eastern Canada so winters are long and tough. I wonder if she gets enough vitamins, minerals, nutrients? Maybe a...
  5. Multivitamins, Glucosamine, & Fish oil?

    Dog Health
    Hi, I have a 10 year old pomeranian who has luxating patella in both knees. He was diagnosed around 2-3 years ago and the vet recommended for him to take Glucosamine. I also mentioned to the vet that I feed my pom a home cooked meal and the vet had suggested i give him vitamins incase he would...
  6. Sudden change in behavior

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We've had our dog, Dixie, for a year and she's a great dog. We got her from a no kill shelter, she's approx 5 yrs old, she's housebroken, walks on a leash nicely and knows several tricks... Not aggressive and rarely barks. She's been the perfect dog until this past month. Three times this month...
  7. Vitamins & Distemper

    Dog Health
    I have two, eight week old queensland heeler puppies. They have been diagnosed with distemper and my vet has told me to provide supportive care and that there is nothing else I can do. I have been doing some research that suggests vitamins A, C, E will help with the distemper. One pup is...
  8. Dogs going to the bathroom abnormal amount

    Dog Health
    Hello All, I am the Mom of 7 month old Black Labs that I have raised from day one since their Mom passed away during labor. I realize that house training is a time of patience and learning, BUT....these two seem to go #2 way too much. They get feed in the morning and at night about 6 and 6...
  9. Diamond Collars

    General Dog Discussion
    Has anyone seen the Diamond Collars at ilovedogs? Wow!:rockon: I Love Dogs: Dog Vitamins, Dog Supplements, Premium Dog Vitamins, Premium Dog Supplements, Dog Care, Dog Behavior, Dog Health | ...because we know how much you love your dog