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  1. Both my dogs got sick with an unknown virus. Here to vent, and for a little advice.

    Dog Health
    Please don't read this if you are faint of heart. Alright, so as I'm typing this, my eyes are flooded with tears, and my heart is heavy. Last night, we had to put my mother-in-law's dog down after she contracted a virus that my own puppy, Maui, had just gotten the week before. Prepare for the...
  2. White Bumps on dogs mouth

    Hi! **Edit** I just realized I posted this on the wrong fourm and I am not sure how to move it or delete it** So my puppy has a couple weird white bumps on her mouth. She hasnt had trouble eating or anything and after looking at a couple other threads I think its oral pappillomavirus which...
  3. Our Parvo Puppy Story

    Dog Health
    Recently our puppy Scarlett overcame the Parvovirus. We were so scared and had a million questions when we went through this. My fiance and I read lots of forums such as this for advice. I thought that it would be beneficial to others to hear our story: We adopted our little Scarlett, lab mix...