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  1. Introducing FOX The Smartest Dog in the West

    Introductions New You Tube Channel! I hope you’ll come see FOX THE SMARTEST DOG IN THE WEST Hi my name is FOX. I entertain. This channel is about my antics, and my favorite things in the world: BALL, food, and my MaMa. I am a very smart and cute as I look four year...
  2. New to the forum! Meet my adorable dog Tucker!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    New to the group! Took our Shih Tzu out a couple weekends ago in Mendocino! He is photogenic and loves the camera thanks to PetSelfie getting his attention! Love the group and seeing all the cute Shih Tzu's! Love using PetSelfie highly recommend that camera app!
  3. ....

    Dog Pictures and Videos
  4. What's best? Video or books for self training...

    Hi, everybody!!! I am a previous owner of several of "man's best friends". I started owning dogs at ann early age (I'm an only child and my parents figured I needed a "sibling", I guess). In the beginning, I didn't train my dogs. I was too caught up in just having a "playmate". Later in life, I...
  5. German Shepherd plays dead

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    German shepherd cute plays dead:thumbsup:
  6. How Dogs drink water!

    General Dog Discussion
    Check out this youtube video of how dogs drink water!!:thumbsup:
  7. How dogs drink water!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Pretty cool video of how dogs drink water on YouTube take a look:thumbsup:.
  8. Videos of my German Shepherd doing tricks, playing in the snow, playing frisbee

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Take a look at the videos I have on You tube, My German Shepherd Mikka playing with her Frisbee, playing in the snow, protecting the yard from squirrels. I'll try to keep posting new videos as the weather warms up. Don't forget to Subscribe! I hope you enjoy watching her as much as I do filming...
  9. An app/web page for saving and sharing photos and videos of your dogs

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    My team and I are in the early stages of development of a app or web page designed to help you store and share photos and memories of your dogs. This allows you to keep track of your pet's schenannigans and can also act as a memorial site once your dog has passed on. What we need right now is...
  10. Funny and Cute Dog Videos

    General Dog Discussion
    Here are some cool and funny videos I shot lately of my pups being dogs! Let me know what you think! If you have any cool videos of your pups, please post to this thread as well to share with the other dogforum people.
  11. Cute Puppy Video Thread!

    General Dog Discussion
    I haven't seen any threads specific to cute videos yet, so I figure the general forum is a good place to share! Post yours as a response to mine and hopefully we will all have some good pup videos to share! I will start with a couple here: This one just looks weird, lol
  12. Cute Akita Puppy

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    If you like please check out my Youtube channel where I have many videos of him
  13. Videos of Max the Bull Terrier

    General Dog Discussion
    Check below in the link. let me know what you think
  14. Doggie and Deer Video

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi Everyone, A friend of mine emailed me this video of a dog and deer playing just in time for the holidays! Happy Holidays Everyone! Doggy and Deer
  15. How to ignore your little brother

    General Dog Discussion
    This is a cute and funny video of my two dogs Princess and Oliver. YouTube - How to ignore your little brother Anna