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  1. Share Your Cute Moment With Your Dog!

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hiii!! Can you guys share your cuteness moment with your dog? Iā€™ll be very happy if you guys share a lot of photos of cute doggšŸ„°šŸ„°Thanks guysss!!
  2. In this video, is my dog playfull and happy, or is he angry and protesting?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey All. I'm having a problem understanding if my dog likes it or not. Can you help me?
  3. It's a Miracle !!!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    A golden retriever has been rescued from the rubble of the deadly earthquake that struck Italy more than a week ago. Romeo the golden retriever has been found alive by firefighters after surviving nine days in the rubble. His owners had gone back to their destroyed house to get some of their...
  4. Grumpy dog Anuko husky

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Grumpy dog Anuko helps owner Jasmine Milton battle bipolar disorder and fetches her Ā£20,000
  5. German Shepherd plays dead

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    German shepherd cute plays dead:thumbsup:
  6. Does your dog ask to be tickled?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    My dog Potato loves to be tickled, and she always asks for tickles using her hand! Does yours do the same? Check my dog's video of her asking for tickles!
  7. Wonderful adoption video

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello, my dog is in this wonderful video from The Mayhew Animal home, they are a shelter in London. It shows all the dogs and cats that they rehomed last year. So lovely! Just thought I would share as bound to cheer you up in this cold and grey weather!:)
  8. Hilarious Sketch Series Featuring Adorable Dogs!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Premiering today and airing new episodes every Wednesday, please check out HALF BREEDS:
  9. Our Chocolate Labrador and miniature dachshund destroying a space hopper

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Our Dogs have fun...:eyeroll:
  10. My new puppy, Shadow, goes to the lake for the first time!

    Dog Pictures and Videos He was hilarious when he jumps in the lake at the end haha. :D
  11. A video of my dog

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Lucy burying her bone :):dog-bone:
  12. Super Cute Wolf Dog Video

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and love dogs, especially wolf dogs! I found this super cute video to share!
  13. Made a video to help my sick dog. Please share it to help reach those who can help?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
  14. 4 Quads... infographic-style motion graphic

    Dog Art
    Hi, all, some of you helped me with the graphics and script for my class project a few weeks ago. Here is the final! @Tess @crock @inkii
  15. Jesse the cockapoo, videos&photos

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    This is Jesse, a cocker spaniel and poodle mix. He is a little over one years old now. He loves to cuddle and is very friendly. :) Below is a video of when he was three months old!
  16. My Pups Were on Fox Network!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    This video made it onto Fox's show Red Eye which is a late night news show! The best videos always come up unexpectedly!
  17. Mickey and I Checking Messages!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Happy New Year from us, Mickey & Jermaine! But don't just have a great year...make it one! :) <-- Check it out!
  18. Special Christmas Video from Mickey & Me

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Mickey and I wish everybody a Merry Christmas! Now if only he could wear that hat, lol! <--- Check it out!
  19. My Springer Spaniel is an Instrument!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share my springer spaniel Mickey is more than just a dog...he's an instrument! Let us know what ya think! ~Mickey & Jermaine
  20. Dog Jumping Around in Slow Motion, Floppy Tongue!

    General Dog Discussion
    Just a video I took of Lola at the dog park