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  1. Our lab Lexi had a cyst on her eye!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Our lab Lexi had a pretty big lump on her eye that needed to be surgically removed. We took her to the vets to have her checked out. The cost wasn't as high as we thought so we scheduled an appointment. I documented her whole two week journey of recovery. The hardest part is keeping her...
  2. Dog Passing Blood in Urine

    Dog Health
    My 3 year old Irish Red Setter has been passing quite a lot of blood in her urine. The first time it happened, we took her straight to the vets who prescribed a weeks course of antibiotics (Synulox) for the treatment of a UTI. The blood and struggle to urinate seemed to clear after a few days...
  3. has anyone had a puppy/dog become very sore after vaccines(suggestions-experiances)

    Dog Health
    Our rescue baby Tao, a pit-bull shih-tzu mix) saw the vet for the first time today and got his vaccines and de-worming. It seemed like an awful lot for a 17 lbs puppy who at 16 weeks had never seen a vet before(his old family's choice)but the vet insisted.He received a dhpp, lepto, lyme...
  4. Any spay advice?

    Dog Health
    We're about to phone our vets in a few days and book Zoey in for her spay, as she's now 6 months old. I would appreciate any and all advice or experience that people have :) I'll be asking lots of questions at the vets, but does anybody have any info on how long it would take to heal? Any...
  5. How do I know if my pet has dental disease?

    Dog Health
    Dental disease is the most common problem we encounter in veterinary practice. A high proportion of both dogs and cats will present with some degree of change such as gingivitis, plaque accumulation, tooth damage or fractures and gingival pocketing. Even in relatively early stages, this...
  6. Dog owning finance

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey I am doing a research project at uni about the costs of keeping a dog vs keeping a snake and I am desperate for some more dog responses! Please please please help! I just need like 30 more response and then I can get going on my project and take one more step to being a vet!!! Lui xx...
  7. Shih Tzu Allergies

    Dog Health
    My dog, a 7 month old shih tzu, has been being sick for the past few months. We took him to the vets and he underwent blood tests and an X-ray, the conclusion was that there was a small object in his stomach which was moving towards his bowel. He was also put on antibiotics, anti acids, pre...