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  1. ADVICE NEEDED: Veterinary malpractice? Spleen sample mistakenly taken out for a LIVER biopsy

    General Dog Discussion
    **Sorry in advance for the long post, but thought it was important to get all the details...and also gather all my jumbled thoughts :( My puppy had undergone routine bloodwork in advance of her spay procedure, of which the results had shown that she had slightly elevated liver levels. After...
  2. Help! My puppie's leg has a problem.

    Dog Health
    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am the owner of a two-months-old cane corso who, after jumping off my bed, hurted her paw. Although I cant describe it accurately, I do have clear pictures of it, which are attached to this post. Unfortunately, because of the quarantine, I...
  3. Sherry - 18yrs Old Pomeranian

    New Additions
    Hello Members, I would like to share a little about my dog she is almost 18 years old Pomeranian and got 3 fractures on her rear leg and the main problem is her hip joint cracks. I examine with the Vet and urge the medicine for her, but I am not sure how many days she has to suffer from the pain...
  4. Pet Hero program for vet savings? Any thoughts?

    Dog Health
    I saw an ad for this program Pet Hero what I thought was a new pet insurance. It turns out to be slightly different, 25% off all veterinary bills + subscription box of toys and treats. It's definitely different than other programs I've seen. Prices were lower than what my insurance premium was...
  5. One-page Dog Safety PDF -- Contributions Anyone?

    Dog Health
    I'd like to contribute to this forum by making a one-page PDF on the subject of "Top Dog Safety Rules", probably 10-12 rules. I think it's needed because there doesn't seem to be such a really good list on the Web. I see either incomplete lists, or article libraries that are fairly complete...
  6. Managing Pet Gastrointestinal Issues With Nutrition

    The Honest Kitchen
    Written by Dr. Leliani Alvaraz, DVM Gastrointestinal problems comprise the most common ailments seen in both dogs and cats. These can range from a short-term upset tummy (such as Vomiting and Diarrhea) to a chronic or more serious ailment (such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Pancreatitis)...
  7. Pet Insurance Actually Helpful

    Dog Health
    I have been noticing that a lot of people have been posting threads for help with funding their dog's vet bills. I thought that although I cannot necessarily help these people out with a donation I might offer a bit of advice. When we adopted my dog from a rescue foundation they had a...
  8. Arrogant veterinarian

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, Had an appointment at the vet a few days ago. My dog needed a vaccine. It was my first time with that vet. She asked which food I gave him which is Acana. It was unfamiliar for her. She asked if I bought it at ****** (low cost cain food store). My first and last visit there! I don't...