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  1. Help Me My dog has tarter

    Dog Grooming
    Hi everyone, I have a Shiba Inu and he is three years old. He has recently been to the vet and they spotted some tarter on his teeth. They recommended that I bring him in and they would put him under some anesthesia. There must be a simpler way! Does anyone have any pointers on brushing teeth...
  2. Is it necessary to pull a puppies teeth?

    Dog Health
    Hi all!, My Pom Snuggles has double rowed teeth (9 months old ). His adult teeth are coming in but his puppy teeth havnt fallen out. He has already seen the vet and he advised that I get the puppy teeth pulled. I was told he only needs the incisors pull so 4 teeth. I wanted to see if others...
  3. Vet check ups?

    Dog Health
    I was wondering how often you guys take your dogs to the vet for just a normal health exam? I know of people that take there dogs in every 6 months to a year but I also know of people who have not gone for 5 years! I have been taking our dog once a year for a check up, is this necessary? Thanks...
  4. Sophie continuing to have urinary problems

    Dog Health
    I'm a bit worried (more than a bit really) about our 7.5 month old husky/shepherd [not for sure on the breed as our family rescued her, we adopted her] girl Sophie and her continuing urinary problems. She has been to the vet at least three times for this, Vaginal Infusion each time with...
  5. Concerns about adopting a dog

    New Additions
    I want to adopt a dog sometime in the near future. I grew up with a toy poodle, so will probably be getting a similar (aka "hypoallergenic") breed. So here is my concern. I am currently living on my own, and I realize it is my responsibility to take the dog to the vet regularly, but I have...
  6. Allergies and ear infections

    Dog Health
    Hi Dog Lovers, I am having some very big problems with my labrador. I love her dearly but lately with the scratching and rubbing butt on ground and scratching back on snow outside--our vet seems to think she has allergies to her food. She did test her for environmental allergies but she came...