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  1. My dog has a white bump on her leg?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a 5 year old female chihuahua. A few days ago I noticed a white bump on her leg. She has never had this before so I’m worried, as I do not know what this is. I’m not sure if this requires immediate attention (due to COVID-19 I’d rather not leave the house unless absolutely...
  2. Please help!!!

    Dog Health
    About a year ago my dog was scratching himself repeatedly and a bump had formed on his back near his tail. I made this problem known to my parents and they ended up taking him to the vet while I was at school. After they took him there the vet concluded that he was having an allergic reaction to...
  3. Carpal arthrodesis (fusion surgery). HELP!

    Dog Health
    I posted a thread recently about my Newfie with carpal laxity. Carpal laxity usually occurs in large breed puppies and usually clears up with proper diet and exercise. I did everything the vet said, but my dogs' problem did not go away. We went back to the specialist today who said he would need...
  4. Puppy swallowed a bone piece

    Dog Health
    Took my 5 month old border collie x kelpie to a friends place, and he found a bone in her garden. I tried to take it from him, but he swallowed it too quickly. I'm not sure if it was sharp or not, but it wasn't very big. It happened on Thursday night, and it's now Sunday and I haven't noticed...
  5. My dog ate a bandage!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello all! I need some quick advice.. My dog Johnny had radial nerve damage and because of this, he had an open sore on his foot that we had to keep bandaged until it healed. It was wrapped in gauze, a non-stick pad, and an ace bandage. One morning he decided to eat this bandage, and because he...