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  1. Vet has no idea?!!

    Dog Health
    First off, I know advice on here is not to be used instead of taking my dog to an actual vet. I'm hoping someone will have a suggestion that I can take to the vet currently treating my dog as he's pretty baffled at this point. So if anyone has a dog, or knows a dog, that was unable to pee...
  2. Please help!!!

    Dog Health
    About a year ago my dog was scratching himself repeatedly and a bump had formed on his back near his tail. I made this problem known to my parents and they ended up taking him to the vet while I was at school. After they took him there the vet concluded that he was having an allergic reaction to...
  3. My dog is out of my control

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have three dogs named Bailey (9yrs old) Baxter (6 yrs old) and Midas (3yrs old.) Midas is the puppy of Baxter and Bailey, he was living in a different home for the first year of his life. I have had him for back for two years now and he acts aggressively towards other people and dogs. He...