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  1. White Bumps on dogs mouth

    Hi! **Edit** I just realized I posted this on the wrong fourm and I am not sure how to move it or delete it** So my puppy has a couple weird white bumps on her mouth. She hasnt had trouble eating or anything and after looking at a couple other threads I think its oral pappillomavirus which...
  2. Pet Hero program for vet savings? Any thoughts?

    Dog Health
    I saw an ad for this program Pet Hero what I thought was a new pet insurance. It turns out to be slightly different, 25% off all veterinary bills + subscription box of toys and treats. It's definitely different than other programs I've seen. Prices were lower than what my insurance premium was...
  3. If your dog is diagnosed with heartworm, get a second opinion on treatment!

    Dog Health
    Hello all, I am sharing my story so that other people who find themselves with a dog with heartworm can benefit from what I've learned. I have a 4-year-old Jack Russel named Spot that we rescued from a shelter after fostering him for 8 months. After adopting Spot we took him into the vet for a...