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  1. Vaccination schedule for a rescue adult Dog

    New Additions
    Hello, I am most likely rescuing an adult German Shepherd, may be a mix, I don't know. She is an adult, and the person who found her has tried to reunite her with her owner, but no luck. So, I am likely to adopt her, because, I have been looking to adopt for a while. As the dog does not have...
  2. 6 Week Old Puppy Advice Needed

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, I found this forum last night at 3AM as I was awake worried sick about my new puppy. I was feeling terrible and even just thinking I should have never gotten him even though I've planned for him for months. I found a lot of comfort in people's postings that said they also felt the...
  3. When can puppy that has had 5 in 1 shot be around other dogs?

    Dog Health
    Hi all! I have a quick question! In about 2 weeks I will be getting a female Boston Terrier puppy (bosties are the best!). When I pick the puppy up, she will be 7 weeks old and she will have had a 5-in-1 shot at 5 weeks of age. It just so happens that I need to house and dog sit at my...
  4. cant walk my dog because of wild dogs

    Hi any advice or reassurance would be great. I'm an australian living in Cambodia, and a year ago me and my partner rescued a puppy from a dog farm (yes for food, im not being racist or trying to make any judgement calls regarding what different cultures eat, i mention it as to give insight to...