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  1. Help! My 2 y.o. rescue chihuahua wont stop peeing!

    Hello, everyone! I am a new foster mom to my sweet little chihuahua female Jessa. She is believed to be about 2 years old, and due to her having heartworms apparently her old family gave her up. :( I just moved to Dallas and started fostering her exactly one week ago, and I love her very much...
  2. older dog urinating on clothes

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 14 year old beagle urinates a lot. Typically it's on the floor in our bathroom (we keep our dogs dishes in there as we have a 2 year old daughter). She's never left in the bathroom long and seems to think her bladder is the size of a pea and needs to go out the moment she's finished drinking...
  3. Need help!! urgently!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi guys :) Im in desperate need of some help!! I have a 1 year old jack russell which i have had since he was 6 weeks old, he's house trained and is the most loving terrier i've ever met. At the moment we are having real issues with chewing which i think is due to seperation anxiety as he...
  4. Two things on dogs urinating (interesting article link to discuss!)

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Dogs Compete with Pee : Discovery News I would really like to discuss the article associated with the above link. This article seems to really conflict with many of the things that I have learned about the dominance theory and the myth that dogs are "status seeking." First of all, it labels...
  5. My dog wont stop urinating!

    Dog Health
    My dog is 9 year's of age, he's a standard Yorkshire terrier and he has a problem. He's a very insecure dog and extremely jealous, we have 4 cats also. My dog, Benji is his name, urinates all the time, up sofa's, doors, bags, almost anything he can get to. He is walked 3 times a day and is able...
  6. Dog urinates- anxiety?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This issue deals with the dog my boyfriend's family owns. She is about 10 years old, a possible Chow-German Shepard mix, and her name is Jazzy. The family took her in when her previous owners moved away and couldn't bring her along. She has high anxiety with loud sounds that has progressively...
  7. Housetraining...HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I just adopted a 9 month old resuce pup who travelled two days to me from Arkansas. I was told she was "just about housetrained" but I figured as a result of the trauma of travelling, and the fact that she was not COMPLETELY housetrained, she would have accidents. Well, so far, she has messed...
  8. Could My Dog Be In Love

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This might sound daft, but has anyone had a similar experience:- I have a male akita, he's a wonderful companion and good as gold, a friend of mine has a female bedlington terrier (Molly) who is lovely too, they get on great, play for hours when we are out walking. Just recently he has gotten...
  9. HELP! New 3 year old dog peeing indoors!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello I just adopted a 3-year-old un-neutered male Paperanian (pomeranian papillion cross) named Pika. The first night (saturday the 26th) we got him home he peed on the floor. I thought maybe it was just the new surroundings so I overlooked it. The next day he was outside most of the day so...