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  1. Vet has no idea?!!

    Dog Health
    First off, I know advice on here is not to be used instead of taking my dog to an actual vet. I'm hoping someone will have a suggestion that I can take to the vet currently treating my dog as he's pretty baffled at this point. So if anyone has a dog, or knows a dog, that was unable to pee...
  2. Why does my dog have accidents (usually when excited) after he was neutered?

    Dog Health
    My puppy is a Maltese/Shih-Tzu mix and he is 8 months old. He was perfectly house trained and never had accidents. I leave a pad out in the living room of my apartment and anytime he needs to urinate he goes to his pad, circles a few times and goes on the pad. He was good about it for a few...
  3. Grumpy old man dog - advice for a newbie?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi! I am new and I am hoping to get some advice regarding my friend's nine year old Tenterfield Terrier (who now lives with me). My friend works FIFO so the dog spends only six days per month with his owner (I look after him) and he has had a lot of trouble adjusting to this over the past...
  4. Pika still peeing - in my bedroom!?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    OK so We've got him stopped (I think) peeing in the main part of the house. BUT... this is really weird. He LOVES to pee on our bed. We have to keep our bedroom door closed at ALL times. If we leave it open for 5 minutes he WILL go in there and pee on one of the corners of the bed. Actually...
  5. HELP! New 3 year old dog peeing indoors!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello I just adopted a 3-year-old un-neutered male Paperanian (pomeranian papillion cross) named Pika. The first night (saturday the 26th) we got him home he peed on the floor. I thought maybe it was just the new surroundings so I overlooked it. The next day he was outside most of the day so...