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  1. Vet confused - the pain has moved?

    Dog Health
    Hi, Im saddened that this has to be my first time in searching on the internet for doggy advise however my Vet doesn't really know whats happening. My 1 yr old cavapoo has been ill for about 7 days. On the 1st day he was really still, lethargic, quiet and refused to eat or drink. Was really...
  2. Can you guess what Breeds my pups are

    Dog Breeds
    Hi Guys, New to this whole forum thing. I have 3 puppies and in all honesty need help identifying what could be in them. Please have a look and let me know Would appreciate the help :thumbsup:
  3. My dog has a strange behavior...

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I adopted a dog from the pound 2 days ago. Her name is Stella, She is a Chinese Sharpel & German Shepherd. I have 2 other dogs both chihuahua. The people I talk to said she was really good with other dogs, love kids, and walks. When I brought her home i notice something wrong about...
  4. Unknown Problem with dog (cannot afford vet at moment)

    Dog Health
    I saw on some other forums that dog owners should always be able to financially cover a vet visit. However, at the moment, my family are going through a bit of a financial crisis and everything is happening at once. We are unable to afford a vet at the moment and I wanted to see if there was a...
  5. Looking for unknown dog toy

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi! I've already spent quite a bit of time looking for this toy but can't find anything on google. This is her favorite toy and as you can see it's down to its last days. It's supposed to be a squeaky rubber dumbbell with a basketball on one side and a soccer ball on the other. I'm not sure...
  6. Dog suffering from sudden intense pain.

    Dog Health
    My 12ish years old dog (a doberman pinscher) with a decently average weight has had intense sudden pains in seemingly random moments. The pains cause her to scream and they have been getting progresively worse. The first time she showed this pain was when trying to pick up with her mouth a...
  7. Help! What breed is my dog?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello fellow dog lovers! I'm new to this website, but I joined mainly to ask if anyone has an idea as to what type of dog my dog is. I have attached a few photos to this thread, and I hope you will help me solve this mystery of my dog's identity! When we bought him, they (the vendors) told us he...
  8. Help ID this odd dog!

    Dog Breeds
    My uncle's dog Red is so handsome, he is a super good listener, very zen and super active in a controlled manner (unlike my redbones!). I will attach a few photos, Red is not the husky in the photos (Tess RIP). Help us get idea of what he's a mix of please :confused:!
  9. Help me find what breed Max is from the SPCA

    Dog Breeds
    We just adopted Max from the SPCA two days ago. He's listed as "Husky Mix" on his paperwork, but I'm not seeing it. Does anyone know what kind of breed he could be or be mixed with? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  10. Mysterious Aggression

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off, I'd let to say hello! I just joined this forum earlier today and I've already learned quite a bit just from browsing through other threads; this seems like a very helpful forum and I'm glad I found it. :) So, I've got a 4 year-old Great Dane named Bailey who is a total sweetheart...
  11. What is my dog mixed with?

    Dog Breeds
    My dog, Jaeger, is almost a year old now. I was hoping to know what his dad was by now. His mom was a German Shepherd, but I am having trouble figuring out what he is mixed with. He almost looks like a mini GSD x) I included a picture from when he was a little puppy, and something more recent...
  12. What kind of dog is he?!?!

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone, I need your help. I have a rescue puppy that is 6months old, 14 pounds (so can NOT be a German Shepard!). Initially I was told he is a chi/terrier mix but now I don't know if he is a German Shepard/terrier mix. Thoughts? Again, he is a small dog, probably will max out at 20-25lbs...
  13. What dog breed is this?

    Dog Breeds
    What breed of dog is this? P.S. His name is Bubba and we rescued him from being put to sleep.
  14. What breed is my puppy?

    Dog Breeds
    I'm not a dog expert so I was needing some help pin pointing what type of dog my new puppy is. I recently adopted Layla from the humane society they said she is a retriever mix. But mixed with what? I looked up hound retriever mix and she kind of resembles them but she's 3-4 months old and only...
  15. Help with unknown puppy breed!!!

    Puppy Help
    Hello all, wondering if anybody could help identify the breed of this puppy, no idea of its age or breed as i rescued him off a street corner in china from being sold to some guy from a resteraunt who was eyeing him up, god knows what for! i have attatched 2 images. hopefully someone can help...
  16. Could someone please tell me what breed this dog is?

    Dog Breeds
    When i was on holiday i found this dog next to the place i was staying. I think the owner may have lost it as it seemed tamed. I looked after it for the two weeks i was there hoping the owner would come back looking for it but the didn't so i gave it to a friend there who has now given it a good...