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unknown breed

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    This is my dog Vixen! She was a rescue and we aren't sure what breed she is. I'd love to get a DNA test to know for sure but wondering if anyone has any guesses? She's around 14ish years old
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    My mother recently adopted a new dog from our local shelter and I was hoping to get a bit of help identifying the breed. We were originally thinking that he was maybe a Boxer/Pit mix, but one of the shelter staff suggested that he might be all or partially Black Mouth Cur. The breed isn't...
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    Hello all! My family recently adopted a mutt (called Tinkerbell) from Texas about a month ago and we have having trouble identifying her breed. Here's what we know: 1. Her mom is at least part bull terrier. We aren't sure what else she is, but we theorize some sort of pit bull. Her mom is also...
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    Hi. So i'm new here.. but I was wanting input as to what my dogs breed might be. He was picked up off the street as a puppy and was given to me by my cousin when he was around 4-5 weeks old. Characteristics: 1. He barks/howls like a Beagle 2. He is medium sized, black & tan with white on his...