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  1. Question about a surgery to remove a mass on my dog

    Dog Health
    Today I picked up my dog Mufasa from surgery. He had a mass on his side that they didn't know what it was, it was the size of a nickel and flesh colored. When I picked him up they had made a giant 5"-6" incision on him and stapled him up. He is a black German spitz about 3-4 years of age. We...
  2. Watching neutrotic dog, won't stop barking

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, I've been watching my aunt's dog for 2 weeks. They're coming back in one week. My aunt lives in the country and completely pampers the dog (gives her whatever food she wants, etc). Every day they take her for a very long walk in the woods, and usually they just go in the woods and take her...
  3. Looking for advice with new puppy and existing dog!!! Please!

    Puppy Help
    Hi, I am new to the site, and loving it by the way. I am hoping someone out there can relate with what is going on in my house. I have 2 babies, A German Shepard that is 7 and a Yorkie that's 5. They get along great and have for years, it's actually endearing to see how much they love each...