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two dog household

  1. Help - Dogs fighting every day ☹️

    I have two 18 month old French Bulldogs who love each other most of the time. Recently they have started fighting and being aggressive to each other after feeding. It is taking longer for them to calm down than normal and this has only been going on for the last few weeks. They have always been...
  2. New Dog Left Alone for First Time

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off, thank you to everyone who answered my other posts - the help on these forums in this first week has been crucial. We adopted Bailey a week ago from the shelter - an 8 month old Lab mix. We have a 5 year old at home (Penny) who's a smaller doxy mix. So far the only aggression between...
  3. Combining 2 dogs into one household questions

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello! My boyfriend and his 3 year old dog have just joined a household of me (23 lady) my mom and our 1 year old dog. Both are females, have known each other since youngest was a baby dog. The youngest is clearly stronger and dominant over dog (dominance was clear when pup was just 7 months...