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  1. Sudden large bump on dog's shoulder

    So last night we took our boy Clifford for a walk, put his harness on, played a little and went around the block. All is well. No lumps or bumps. About an hour after getting home, he sits with me on the couch, I'm giving him some pets and I feel a very large bump on his shoulder. It is soft and...
  2. Histiocytomas (Tumors) All Over Young Husky. Biopsy and Pictures.

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone, Thank you all in advanced for reading and responding. Let's get right into it. Not sure my vet knows what is going on, neither do we. We would appreciate some help. Dog: - Husky Mix (Mostly Husky) - 3 Years Old - Male (Neutered) - South Florida Region - Overweight - Genetic...
  3. Mast Cell Tumour, Chemotherapy & one confused & anxious mum

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, I have a 7yr old Lhasa Apso cross Chihuahua called Tia. I'll try & give you a short version of my story but will post the link for a longer version at the end. September last year I took her to the vet & discussed a lump on her leg I was concerned about. The Veterinarian...
  4. growth on leg AND terror of being restrained

    Dog Health
    My dog - a two year old female mixed breed (best guess lab/rotti/beagle) - has a two-fold problem and I'm at my wits end. She has developed a small growth on her right front leg. It seemed innocent at first but now has grown and she is constantly licking and worrying at it. We took her to the...
  5. Help diagnosis strange wart on puppy's front leg.

    Puppy Help
    If possible could someone please help me identify this strange wart which has only recently appeared on my puppy's front leg (elbow joint). It appears to be getting larger within the few days which I first noticed it. My dog is an 11th month miniature Jack Russell. Has anyone else ever had a...
  6. What is the chance my dog would die after having a tumor removed?

    Dog Health
    I took my dog to the vet today and the vet said she has a mast tumor. I am afraid that something might go horribly wrong during her surgery, or even after. She is an aggressive dog. Both times we went to the vet, she growled at anyone who went near us. I even had to put a muzzle on her. I'm...
  7. should i worry about a lipoma in a 2 yr old dog??

    Dog Health
    Hello, I just found what seems to be a softball sized lipoma on the thigh of my dog. I know that these are common, but I am slightly worried because my dog is so young...she will be 2 next month, She is a female lab/aussie mix, she was a rescue and bred by a sick dog. She suffers from dental...
  8. I am worried. Lump being sent for tests

    Dog Health
    About 3 weeks ago my boyfriend pointed out a small lump on the side of Blackjacks face, it looked like an abscess so we kept our eye on it for a week to see if it would subside on its own about 5 days later it had definitely got bigger so to the vets we went. The vet agreed that it looked like...
  9. Spleen Tumor - Silent Killer - My dog died please read and be aware

    Dog Health
    When I noticed my dog's rear legs seemed to be weak suddenly I googled it and found this forum with a post about sudden weak hind legs and most replies pointed to degenerative myelopathy. However it turned out his back legs were weak because he was weak from a ruptured mass on his spleen that...
  10. HELP! possible tumor

    Dog Health
    found this on my dogs head help
  11. Help? Histiocytoma

    Dog Health
    My 10 yr old shepherd mix has a histiocytoma on her paw. She was diagnosed with it in September and he gave me antibiotics and it regressed. Last Wednesday she had dental surgery and last night, I left her in the car for awhile while I was in the vets office ( getting 2nd opinion on my little...
  12. Need Help Please!

    Dog Health
    hello every one, im steven from the UK. I recently went to visit my grandparents, who said their king charles spaniel has a hard lump on his lip, it has grown from the size of a spot, to a larger size within 2-3 weeks, the lump is on the inner of his lip but can be seen when he has his mouth...