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  1. Tug Leashes in Agility (rules question)

    Dog Performance Sports
    I have a toy motivated dog who loves to tug, and was considering getting a tug leash. It seems helpful to have the tug built in because it's one less thing I have to juggle (leash, clicker, ball, tug, bait bag, my sanity). They were somewhat popular when I did agility years ago with my last...
  2. Tug of War: good exercise or aggression builder?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I've always loved to play tug of war with my dogs, finding that if done in moderation and selectively, it is a great release for pent-up energy. Lately, though, I've read some articles discouraging the practice, warning it may build up aggression in a dog. What's your take on this? With my...
  3. Teaching Play, engagement with rescue dog

    Dog Performance Sports
    So I've had Sonic almost 4 months, and I thought the play thing would come along naturally, but nope. He still tugs enthusiastically for brief rare moments, and pounces on balls just as rarely. Most times, nope, no dice. He ALWAYS will chase me with gusto if I run. I can get him worked up and...
  4. Puppy Biting Legs, Feet, and Pants! I might lose my mind

    Puppy Help
    My husband and I adopted a mixed breed puppy (possibly BC mixed with Boston Terrier and a little bit of Eskimo), Theo, about 3 weeks ago. Theo is 11 weeks old. As he is a puppy, he gets mouthy and nippy often. It just seems that no matter what I do, he won't calm down and stop. Theo likes to try...
  5. What Type Of Dog do I Have?

    General Dog Discussion
    I've just adopted a dog from my local Humane society. The paperwork that came with him only states he is 10 weeks old... The people also didn't know what he was for sure because he was transferred from KS. They were unsure but told me Daschund, Min-Pin mix. He has no resemblance lol... He...