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  1. Dog Prefers Others To Me

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 5 y/o dog that I raised from 8 weeks. From the start, I fed him, played with him, pet and praised him and taught him commands, gave him treats. He has always been a little timid/excitable and never truly bonded with us as deeply as our other dog (who passed away almost 2 months ago at...
  2. 1 Yr After Adoption Puppy Still Deathly Afraid of Me and other Humans

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Good afternoon everyone, I've done a lot of browsing and I can not find an article or advice that particularly pertains to my situation. I am really in need of some advice if you have the time! In March of 2019 I adopted a month old female Lab mix at the local pet shelter/medical facility. I...
  3. advice need for situation conserning a bernese mountian dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My uncle, who has had dogs for most of his adult life, is a neglectful dog owner in the sense of physical activity and human companionship. The oldest is a female bernese mountain dog named dagny, she is three years old. My uncle had a bull dog until he gave it away that was about the same age...