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  1. Proper way to reward with treats

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I am currently working on stand and loose leash walking with my pup in training. Currently so she can learn the behavior I have a treat in closed fist as a sort of lure to show her what I am looking for. She likes to sort of open her mouth and try for it even though my fist is totally closed. My...
  2. Am I giving my dogs too many bones?

    Dog Health
    I give my 4 babies bones every day. They are the same brand, as I always get the rawhide bones from walmart. I get the big ones the 8 pack for 9 dollars for my 2 year old full blooded American Pit. And I give my pitskis, (my pitbull had puppies with a full blooded huskey and i kept 2) the small...
  3. Gluten Free/Starch Free/Grain Free Treats (processed or human)

    Dog Food
    My American Bulldog (white) has so many skin issues it is ridiculous. I've been working closely with my vet but am sick of band aid solutions provided through medications and am attempting to change his diet to a gluten/sugar/starch/grain etc free one. He has had big issues with Candida/yeast...
  4. House training an unmotivated rescue dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi there! My girlfriend and I recently adopted a one-year-old border collie mix from an animal shelter. We were told that she was rescued from an Indian reservation, and was likely not house trained. For the first few days, we took her out every few hours, and tried to reinforce her for going...
  5. Who says Akita's can't be trained?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    My Akita, Kuma leaving a bunch of treats that I dropped in front of him. Here's the video that goes along with it!! akitadog24 - YouTube
  6. Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer Heat

    Dog Health
    We have been having some pretty hot summer days in my part of the world. I just thought I would share this great little recipe for Pupsicles. Anyone else have any tips?
  7. New Favorite Treat

    Dog Food Recipes
    My cousin and I tried our hand at home made dog treats tonight. Just made up the recipe ourselves. We took two small cans of baby food, we used the meat flavors (beef, chicken...), but you could use whatever. Mix them with 1/2 cup of peanut butter and throw in some flour. Use more flour for a...
  8. Tips for teaching tricks with treats?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 1 1/2 year old mixed large breed rescue dog - and she is very quick to learn commands and tricks - except ones that (at least as far as I have learned) employ "guiding" her into the movement via a treat. For example roll over took a very very VERY long time (at that we are still working...