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treat dispenser

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    Our dog needs distraction during the day and a Kong or bone filled with food seems to be the only thing she really enjoys and/or pays attention to. My wife and I have been filling and freezing Kongs for almost a year now, but we seem to have some problem at least a few days a week (we forget to...
  2. Dog Food
    I'm looking for opinions on the best treat dispensing/self-feeding dog toys. Which toys have you found to be best overall in areas such as durability, how long they occupy your dog, appeal to your dog, and cost? Suggestions on making good homemade toys are also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  3. Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi, I'm interested in a treat dispenser that is made of soft rubber instead of plastic so as not to make too much noise when rolled around on hardwood/laminate floors. Ideally it would be easy to fill with treats but not to easy for the treats to fall out. I'm trying to give my dog some mental...