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  1. Traveling with Dog Alone

    Puppy Help
    Does anyone have any tips on long distance traveling with a dog by yourself during the summer? Typically on a 6 hour journey I will need to stop and use the bathroom and pump gas. I know that leaving a dog in a locked car by themselves is a no no because of how hot it can get but how do I ensure...
  2. Suggestion needed

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm planning to fly overseas with my dog. This would be the first time ever traveling on a plane, and i don't know much about it. Does anyone have experience with it, or know any information that would be helpful for us? I would appreciate it! Thank you, Katie
  3. Traveling with dogs via airlines

    General Dog Discussion
    im going out of town.. from WV to CA for about two months, and was wondering if I should bring my 7mo old dog with me? my family is able to watch him. i dont want him to fall behind in training or forget the hierarchy ive established. money isnt a concern, but im worried it will traumatize my...