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  1. Puppy Help
    Does anyone have any tips on long distance traveling with a dog by yourself during the summer? Typically on a 6 hour journey I will need to stop and use the bathroom and pump gas. I know that leaving a dog in a locked car by themselves is a no no because of how hot it can get but how do I ensure...
  2. General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm planning to fly overseas with my dog. This would be the first time ever traveling on a plane, and i don't know much about it. Does anyone have experience with it, or know any information that would be helpful for us? I would appreciate it! Thank you, Katie
  3. General Dog Discussion
    im going out of town.. from WV to CA for about two months, and was wondering if I should bring my 7mo old dog with me? my family is able to watch him. i dont want him to fall behind in training or forget the hierarchy ive established. money isnt a concern, but im worried it will traumatize my...
1-3 of 3 Results