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  1. What to pack for dog travels

    General Dog Discussion
    Have you ever asked yourself, "What does my dog need on our trip to __?" Well I have 4 items you should make sure to pack :thumbsup:
  2. My dog needs to lose some weight fast! Help!

    Dog Health
    Lizzie, my four-year-old Norfolk Terrier, who is in excellent health conditions, needs to lose a little weight in the next couple of days to a week. I study in the north of Spain and am traveling to the US for a month, for summer courses. Her usual weight is around 6,3kg (13.89lbs), but due to...
  3. Is it ok to get a dog before moving house?

    New Additions
    I would like to adopt a dog from the SPCA, but I know that I'm going to be moving to the Northern hemisphere in four years, which will probably be a 20-25 hour flight with a layover in the middle. The long flight would probably be quite stressful for an animal, so I am trying to decide whether...
  4. I don't know wheter a dog would be able to happily live with my schedule.

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi people. I am new on the forum, but I am reasonably experienced with dogs. Now I want to get a dog ,, but I'm not sure whether the dog will be happy with my schedule. I want a cocker spaniel, that is the only option I have. We don't have a dog shelter in my country, so adoption is out. I am...
  5. Vacationing with multiple dogs. Suggestions and Tips

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi! So my girlfriend and I have 3 dogs and were planning on doing a vacation next year with all 3 dogs. But we have never done this before all our dogs are around 50 lbs, well behaved. Were just looking for some advice, tips or if you know any great vacation spots that are very dog friendly...
  6. Pet-friendly transportation services?

    Hi, everyone! I'm from Los Angeles and I need to take a 3 days business trip to Las Vegas for next weekend. I have a little Labrador of 3 months and I wouldn't like to leave him somewhere else, I want to take him with me to Vegas :p and I need to find a transportation service agency that allows...
  7. Travel Crate for English Mastiff

    General Dog Discussion
    Help! Searching for a IATA compliant travel crate for my 200 lb. EM. Will be transporting him to Rome and cannot find an airline approved size kennel for him other than a custom metal kennel @ $2000. His measurements would require a 54L x 35W x 45H crate. The largest we can find is: Giant = 48"L...
  8. [HELP] Taking your dog in a taxi or Uber

    General Dog Discussion
    Found this article (TFF News: Canines and Cabs) when researching whether or not I could bring my dog in an Uber. It has some helpful points but I was wondering if anyone here has tried to take their pup in a taxi or Uber before and what you did to ensure the ride went smoothly.
  9. Flying With Puppy: Your Experiences

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, all! I've seen some previous threads about flying with puppies/dogs and everyone has covered the basics but I'm hoping you all can talk about your experiences and what works/what doesn't while flying. I'll be bringing my 12 week old baby home with me for Thanksgiving on Tuesday evening...
  10. Advice for dog owner w/increased business travel

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, Everyone. I am an engineer who is transitioning to the consulting industry. The entails being on-site at the customer in another state, M-Th. I am female, single, and live alone. My dog is my best friend, and I am devastated at the advice I've read online about giving up your dog when...
  11. Dog sitting challenges

    New Additions
    My wife wife and I love traveling and often struggle in figuring out how to ensure our two cute pups are cared for. We have a list of friends who watch them for us, but often they are busy or unable to watch them. Plus, we start to feel guilty if we ask them too much. We prefer not use kennels...
  12. Moving to another state with my dog. Need some advice.

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey everyone. I'm a noob here, so I thought I'd join up and get some advice from anyone who has or is going through the same thing. Right now I am in the process of getting a new job that is located in DC. I am in Florida. I currently live with my parents in a house that has three dogs. We have...
  13. Traveling for the Holidays

    General Dog Discussion
    Practical Tips on Traveling with Your Puppy During the Holidays Keep your pup calm and comfortable Not all dogs like to travel. Some even get a little confused and distressed about the change. Dogs adore habit. They enjoy waking up in their familiar bed, eating at the same time, and using the...
  14. Which dog would be happy with me?

    Puppy Help
    Hello dear dog-lovers, I have been trying to find out IF ,and if, which dog would be right for me. I dearly want one, but I respect that I have a responsibility towards the animal and that it wouldn´t exist purely for my own enjoyment. My living situation: - I am an actress and a singer and...
  15. Taking my dog on the road

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello my fellow dog lovers! I have a 7 year old dog that’s a mix of pit, lab, and boxer that I adopted about 5 years ago. I’m currently considering a new job that would require me relocating to different cities every 2 to 4 months (seems to be mostly East Coast and Canadian locations). Between...
  16. Car Trips with Puppy

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello All, I'm soon to be the owner of little IG (named Penelope). On the weekends(1-2 times a month) I will be traveling back and forth to charlotte (i live in DC), this is about a 6 hour drive. Any thoughts, tips, ideas, reccommendations you all can provide would be great! :) I plan to...
  17. Sedative pills for cats - Travel

    Some of you may remember me mentioning I'll be taking my 5 year old cat with me when I move back to the states. He dislikes car rides and is terrified of them(trembles so much!). I'm concerned he'll be so stressed from the car trip ( roughly a 14 hour drive) that it may trigger a urine infection...
  18. Raw Feeding and traveling - Potential inconveniences

    Dog Food
    I plan on traveling with my puppy. I plan on raw feeding as early as possible, however I'm wondering if there are any complications on traveling with raw food. Raw feeders, whenever you guys go on long road trips with your puppy, how do you store your meat? Specifically whenever you stay at a...
  19. Is this dog considered a brachycephalic breed?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, I'm new to this, but I'm planning on flying out my dog in China back to Canada to live with me. I'm going back over the summer, but I know that brachycephalic dog breeds have difficulties with high temperatures and stress, causing heat strokes and breathing problems. If I bring these dogs...
  20. Intercontinental dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm new and the main reason I joined this thread is to ask some pet travel related questions. I'm from South East Asia and own a doxie who is 2 years of age and female. I might be moving to the US soon give or take within 6 -12 months. I have tried doing some Googling, phoned...