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  1. Suggestions
    Hi, everyone! I'm from Los Angeles and I need to take a 3 days business trip to Las Vegas for next weekend. I have a little Labrador of 3 months and I wouldn't like to leave him somewhere else, I want to take him with me to Vegas :p and I need to find a transportation service agency that allows...
  2. General Dog Discussion
    Found this article (TFF News: Canines and Cabs) when researching whether or not I could bring my dog in an Uber. It has some helpful points but I was wondering if anyone here has tried to take their pup in a taxi or Uber before and what you did to ensure the ride went smoothly.
  3. General Dog Discussion
    Good evening, I really need to find a reasonable price way to transport my dog from California to Ohio. I am going through a divorce and my dog is at the in-laws house. I really need to get her over to my sister's house ASAP. I was going to fly her but because she is a boxer mix, I cannot...
1-3 of 3 Results