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  1. General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone, I would like to pursue my passion with dogs and become a dog trainer. I have done intensive research for Dog Training Programs that fulfill the The Certificate Council for Dog Trainers requirements and the best and most cost affective program that prepares you for Certificate...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm hoping to get my puppy ready to be a therapy dog, so we're working towards CGC. While looking for training classes, I stumbled upon the puppy STAR program which is supposed to be like an introduction to CGC, if I understood correctly. Has anyone taken these classes? Any input? I'm curious...
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    So last week we went to the training class we would take Zoey to. The trainer was very into PR, out of the 6 dogs there 4 were puppies under 5 months and it was good. This week we took Zoey, and now I am just really worried about the impact it could have had on her socialisation :( There were...
1-3 of 5 Results