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  1. Becoming a dog trainer

    General Dog Discussion
    So first off I have a question for anyone that is certified: I've been looking into it for a while and from what I've seen most apprenticeships either pay you and you sign a contract, or have specific programs. I messaged a few trainers in my area and one of them told me they offer a 4 day...
  2. Finding a good dog walker

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi dog lovers, I am new to this forum. I am considering taking a dog walker to take care of my german shepherd in the afternoon. It seems like there are many companies who help connecting dog walkers and people like me. I wanted to see if anyone has used or...
  3. Getting Ready for New Trainer/Behaviorist Questions

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a meet and greet next Wednesday with a new Trainer/Behaviorist (Nancy Williams, Nancy Williams, MA, ACAAB, RVT) and she has asked us to provide as many videos as possible of Trucker's different reactions to different situations so she is able to more quickly evaluate the situation. How...
  4. Frustrations & Laments: Dog Training for Owners

    Dog Training and Behavior
    What frustrates or totally pisses you off about the current options available in the dog training industry? I definitely want to learn what to avoid other than the obvious (aversive trainers and dominance theory). Also, want to know some bad experiences you may have had such as...small training...
  5. Finding a Trainer, Behavior Consultant, or Behaviorist

    Training and Behavior Stickies
    On choosing a good trainer and why you may need a trainer: Finding Help How To Find The Best Dog Trainer For Your Dog - Whole Dog Journal Article How to Choose a Dog Trainer Tips on How to Choose a Trainer Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer (webinar) Reactive Champion: Why You Need a Trainer (Even...
  6. Hope for my dog aggressive dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our dog is currently 1 year old. :) We've got him when he was 3 months in a shelter. When he was young, his reaction towards stranger dogs was some hesitation and as he got to meet a few playmates, he loved to play with them a lot. Once, he tried to approach a stray dog, but since he was too "in...
  7. Dog Reactive Dog = Lost Case?!!

    General Dog Discussion
    So yesterday I had some free time before sleep, and decided to see another episode of Dog Whisperer... (wait this is not another thread about CM!) That was an episode of season 7 in which 2 dogs (one of them was a pitt) were dog reactive. In the first case, the owner took the dog to obedience...
  8. Is this a normal thing a dog trainer would do?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 7 month old blue nose pitbull that hasn't been that socialized that much withother dogs and I been trying to find a trainer for him to get him used to it. My dog is not aggresive in any type of way instead he is sometimes shy and he has been raised with love and affection since i got...