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toy destruction

  1. I will buy your new/used toy for $200

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    Hello guys! I'm new here, but I figured this may be a useful route to replace my dog's favorite toy. If it's in the wrong section, I'm sorry. Just let me know, and I'll move the post to the correct area. My puppy's favorite toy was destroyed by another dog I was fostering, & he's been...
  2. What are good toy options for a large and small dog home?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello everyone! So I have a Miniature Schnauzer, Frankie and a Pit mix, Teagan. They're both around 2 years old and best friends. They are constantly chasing each other around the house and backyard. Unfortunately I haven't been able to keep any good toys around due to my Pit wanting to chew the...
  3. Best Durable Dog Toys for Large Breeds?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Greetings Dog Forumers, I was wondering what some of you guys and gals with large breed dogs use as toys? Do you know any specific kind or brand that lasts a long, long time? My Pit Bull/Boxer mix makes a huge mess when he pulls out all the stuffing of his plush victims (which is usually within...
  4. Fred's Shame...or Lack There of...

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    I don't even mind that Fred destroys most of his toys. He's so happy to get a new one, throwing it around and running like a pup, that it's always worth it. But dang it...could he please not leave their slobber covered limbs on the living room rug?? He's officially been submitted to!