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  1. "new" source of NO2 / air-pollution in Calif? - FERTILIZERS

    Off Topic Discussion
    . for decades, Calif has tried to reduce smog by limiting auto-emissions & other industrial sources of airborne pollutants & toxins. One of the revered statistics in the calculation of estimated pollutants said that only 4% of nitrous oxides came from *soil*. New research has entirely debunked...
  2. Different bark after toxin consumption?

    Dog Health
    Hi. Here is some information of what happened so far. My dog is a 10 month old, 19 pound Jack Russell mix. On monday the 23rd, she consumed a small amount of a pool cleaning chemical from our apartment complex. It was on the sidewalk and I was not able to see it until it was too late :( She was...
  3. MSG in dog Supplements/Synovi-G3.

    Dog Health
    I very recently purchased Synovi-G3, an expensive joint health product (chews) from my vet. WHen I got home I read ALL the ingredients and saw it contained MSG /Hydrogenated Vegetable protein! I should have known from the very strong beef boullion smell. Needless to say I am sending them back...