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  1. Confused about Crate + Pen Housetraining

    Hi All! We have a new Pembroke Corgi Puppy. We got him at 9 weeks and he's now coming up on 11. Since we got him we've made some good progress in some areas, but are still pretty confused about a few things. So firstly, the main thing that is awesome: He will now sleep almost entirely...
  2. Advice Please - New dog - I can't get my dog to go to the toilet!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi there. We've just taken on a new dog, a rescue from a local shelter. She was bought in as a stray and we got her home a couple of days ago. Generally, she has been an absolute delight - Playful, well-adjusted, smart and incredibly curious. However, we have just one problem - We can't get...
  3. She wont toilet out side

    Hi I have a 24 week staff had her two months were toilet training her. Went 7 day not one accident inside now the past three days she has refused to go outside then go's with in 10 mins of coming back in the house. Are routine 1.Take her out for 15-20 min in create do school run. 2.About an...
  4. New Dog with Toilet & Play Issues!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi All Really hoping someone can offer me some advice! We just got our 1st dog last weekend, she's a 1yr old Border Collie and we've names her 'Skye'. She has been a 'show dog' up until now and has won many puppy classes etc. and so she is extremely well behaved (she doesn't bark, cry...
  5. Kasper's whining

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Kasper will be quite happy in the house and then, all of a sudden, he will start whining and act as if he has to go to the toilet; he will pace, pant, misbehave, chase his tail, sit by the door, whine etc everything he does when he needs the toilet. When we take him out he either won't need to...
  6. okay, just got a pup today. am i doing this right?

    okay, so when she goes to the toilet, i pick her up and say 'look! no!' then put her outside, so where she should be going. im doing that every time she goes to the toilet, and to an extent, its working, she starting to go to the door, so i let her out, and about 4 times, shes went to the toilet...
  7. Toilet training a 5yr old terrier

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a very sweet 5 year old terrier. He is "mostly" toilet trained but then every so often, he just starts peeing in the house for no apparent reason. He never does it in front of anyone so I guess he knows he shouldn't do it. He will do it for a few days and then stop. I'm wondering if it...