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  1. Any tips for insane shedding?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello. I own a German Shepherd dog who sheds insane amounts over spring and summer until it starts to get cold again. I was hoping you guys could give me some tips as to how I can cut down on her shedding a little bit? I know brushing helps and I do brush her but the fur is still insane.
  2. New-ish rescue becomes VERY protective, need help

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, Our dog we adopted in February was very sick with 3 rare tick diseases (for our area) for months and months, and we were finally able to eradicate the infections after working with a number of professionals. Our sweet, quiet, subdued girl has become a new dog! LOTS more energy, animated...
  3. Vacationing with multiple dogs. Suggestions and Tips

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi! So my girlfriend and I have 3 dogs and were planning on doing a vacation next year with all 3 dogs. But we have never done this before all our dogs are around 50 lbs, well behaved. Were just looking for some advice, tips or if you know any great vacation spots that are very dog friendly...
  4. Super nervous about my new dog moving in!

    New Additions
    Hi all, On Friday my new adopted dog will be moving in. She's a four year old podenco cross and I'm utterly in love with her. Met her a few times and she's been to the house for a bonding session, behaved like a total dream! But my brain is awash with worries... What if she gets out and runs...
  5. Puppy Training around untrained dogs.

    Puppy Help
    My boyfriend and I are getting a Great Dane puppy in April/May. We are moving out together in September so for the time being the puppy will be staying where he currently lives at his parents house. His family already has 3 dogs (all small pinschers, it sounds hectic but we have the entire lower...
  6. Alternative Way Of Training Fetch - For those who are struggling

    Dog Training and Behavior
    *POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TRAINING TIP, NOT A QUESTION* So I picked up a poodle puppy and found myself really having a hard time training him to hold an object. For a start, he wasn't interested unless it was on the ground, no matter what I did, and he would shake it the second it was in his...
  7. Tips to Protect Your Dog from Fleas

    New Additions
    Flea season varies widely between geographical regions based on factors such as warmth, sunlight and humidity. Generally, preventing fleas is much easier than trying to treat a flea problem. Dog owners have access to many options when it comes to protecting "their" pet from fleas. Usually a...
  8. Need advice, tips or help with our aggressive (5yo) rescue.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My husband and I adopted a beautiful 5 year old, 80lb, lab/beagle (Labbe) from the Humane Society of GC at the end of October. His name is Guss. When we first got him he seemed like a dream; such a good boy, obedient and shy. Then we introduced him to my BIL's 6 MO Labradoodle.(She couldn't...
  9. Help deciding and receiving tips for protection dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi. I am a early twenties girl with a past with stalkers, sex offenders, and attempted rapes. The police chief was apparently friends with one of my abusers in the city I ran away to and in my hometown the police wouldn't do their job. I have been to about ten different cities trying to find a...
  10. Barking Tips

    Dog Training and Behavior
    What, in your experience, has been the best way to train your dog not to bark?
  11. Tips to prevent bladder stones?

    Dog Health
    I just brought my 4 year old Male Shih-Tzu to the vet this evening, and as the vet was checking his vitals, she mentioned that his bladder was soft- this apparently being a good sign in Shih-Tzu's as they have a pre-disposition to bladder stones. Hearing this really had me worried. My sister's...
  12. Tips needed for re-training and agility

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So I have two dogs a 2 year old -kali- and a 3 year old -Kiara-, and ever since my sister has became busy with school it became my job to take kiara out to the park when I jus end to take just kali. My sister clearly let kiara get away with a lot, not siting to get hooked up on the leash...
  13. Need Advice

    Dog Health
    My dog has skin allergies. She started having bad ones when I moved to TN in 2008 to the point her skin was red and itchy most of the year. It wasnt that bad till we moved. Since we moved back it hasnt changed. In 2012 she got fleas for the first time ever and the allergies have been worse since...
  14. Traveling for the Holidays

    General Dog Discussion
    Practical Tips on Traveling with Your Puppy During the Holidays Keep your pup calm and comfortable Not all dogs like to travel. Some even get a little confused and distressed about the change. Dogs adore habit. They enjoy waking up in their familiar bed, eating at the same time, and using the...
  15. Advice and tips for house training my 7 month old pup!

    Hello. I have a 7 month old puppy my husband and I got from people who said they could no longer care for her. They told us she was pee-pad trained (I was thinking 7 months is a little old to still be using those?). I figured I would just keep moving them closer to the door and eventually put...
  16. 3 deadly mistakes we all make that frustrate our dog training efforts & how to avoid

    General Dog Discussion
    3 deadly mistakes we all make that frustrate our dog training efforts & how to avoid Dog training is not as easy as some people make it sound. How easy it is to train your dog depends greatly on your dog specifically... what breed, their background, and even their disposition. There are...