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  1. I have had no luck training my dog on the leash. please help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a English springier spaniel/lab mix who is what feels like impossible to train. I have tried giving treats every time but she began to assume she would always get a treat. after that i tried to mix it up and not always give her a treat but always giving affection. That only worked for...
  2. Planning To Buy Very First Puppy

    New Additions
    I was wondering what kinds of puppies are good for first time owners. I had a German Short-hair Pointer and a Yellow Lab growing up and loved both to death. I was hoping for a small dog (maybe a medium dog) with low to moderate energy due to the fact that I work. I've read that poodles and...
  3. Lets play Tag! .. TAG, Your it!

    Off Topic Discussion
    Ok so in a note I wrote Mike the other day about how to promote the site, I mentioned to him tags…. No one here much uses them, but every one can, both on your posts and on others post. You can even modify them to some extent. Tags are key words that help others find a topic. Some people...