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  1. Need Help - Dog with Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis

    Dog Health
    Hello! About 3 months ago, my dog Jasper (8 yrs) fell off of the seat in my car when I had to brake to not hit a car that pulled out in front of me. He limped a little when I got him out of the car but seemed normal after that. However, after a few days he let out a cry when getting up from his...
  2. What is the best flea/tick prevention for a sensitive pup?

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone! I am Jenny and I have an adorable 3 year old, 5 pound, morkie, named Manning. We relocated to New England and have heard the tick issue has been on the rise, so i have been more concerned about him getting a tick bite. I hope you have time for a story! lol My pup has quite a bit...
  3. 5 y/o chihuahua has become very aggresive and drew blood from a bite for the 1st time

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone! Very new here, hopefully I am in the right place! My story/question is a bit long.. but here I go. I have two dogs, both chihuahuas. One is full (Oreo) other is chihuahua/papillion (Blitz). They are brothers and I have had them since they were born. Blitz has always been the...
  4. Has anyone tried amber for tick protection?

    Dog Health
    Hello guys, after finding first tick this year I've been searching for alternative tick protection for my 5mo chocolate lab and found this on indiegogo: Has any of you tried amber collars before? How well do they...
  5. Is this a Tick?

    Dog Health
    Found a small bump on my MinPins head. It's about the size of a popcorn kernal. It has a small black center. I can't see any legs. It's visible without pulling the hair back. Please see the attached images. Thanks for any help!
  6. Dog Testing Positive for Lyme Disease

    Dog Health
    Yesterday, during a routine vet visit, I was told my beagle, Brody, tested positive for Lymes. I'm not really surprised even though we use flea & tick meds since we live in a very bad tick area and we are always hiking through the woods. My concern is, the vet prescribed antibiotics even...
  7. What flea/Tick Dewormer do you use?

    Dog Health
    Getting a new puppy in November(9 weeks old) and not sure what to use to prevent fleas and ticks and heartworm and other parasites. My cats are on revolution which I love because it does EVERYTHING but the dog version doesn't deworm.. K9 advantix 2 seams really good for fleas ticks etc but I...
  8. HELP Possible tick?

    Dog Health
    Is there a way to tell if there is a tic in my boy's skin without going to the vet?
  9. Red large bump after tick bite.

    Dog Health
    Hello, I noticed and pulled a tick off my doxie two days ago. It couldn't have been on there more then a day either. There was no bump yesterday but today there's a rather large red one with lots of small mini bumps on top of the bump it self. I got pictures so I could get opinions based on...
  10. Just found our first tick...

    Dog Health
    We were checking Kasper over today and found our first tick ever :eek: Luckily since moving here (as someone had told us ticks were common) we had a tick remover and so were able to get the thing off him and dropped it into alcohol. The tick must have been on since this morning's dog walk...we...
  11. Dog with paralysis tick!!

    Dog Health
    On the sunday (15th of September) I woke up to find my 9 month old red cattle dog sick with a tick, showing the usual symptoms of paralysis in the back legs, vomiting and panting. I ran my hands over her and found a paralysis tick and immediately drove her into the closest pet ER. When i handed...
  12. Trifexis- made my dog very sick

    Dog Health
    We tried Trifexis for 2 months, and each time for about a week afterwords our dog was sick. Just couldn't keep food down... has anyone else had issues with this med?
  13. Simple Guard 3: Any Side effects?

    Dog Health
    Hi, I got Simple Guard 3 from my vet. This is the second time I'm using it on my dog and for the past hour she's been acting funny. Pacing, rubbing herself on things, panting, mostly pacing. She also randomly peed on the floor and this was AFTER we took her on a walk (because she was pacing)...
  14. Best Flea Medication

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone! Just got my dog a few weeks ago and I was wondering what the best method of controlling fleas (and ticks, though its not a huge problem where I live) beyond bathing him with flea shampoo. I know there are a few skin applicable medications (i.e. Advantage), a friend has told me...