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throwing up

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  1. Dog Health and Food
    I'm hoping this is just a case of "something he ate" that didn't agree with him. Cobber on a walk is like a little shop-vac as we walk along, so I don't always see everything in time to stop him from eating it. Anyway, apparently he puked a LOT in his crate last night. I didn't hear a thing so...
  2. Dog Health and Food
    Hey all - I am a proud new pup owner of a 20 pound 10-month old Sheltie/collie/terrier mix. I have had him one wk now. Yesterday morning when I let him out of his crate he had thrown up a plastic/vinyl blue material along with bile and undigested food. Upon calling the adoption center they...
  3. Dog Health and Food
    My dog is a Lab/Boxer mix and weighs about 60 pounds. She has thrown up once a day since Sunday (4 times total). She has not lost her appetite, is still drinking water and has not lost any energy. Does anyone know why this is happening or what I can do to help? I just want her to stop...
  4. General Dog Discussion
    We have a 10lbs JR X girl. Adopted her last year August. She's about 3 years / 10 months old, spayed, lively, no food problems since we got her. I feed her Blue Buffalo for adult small breed. Tonight she suddenly threw up, a lot more than I expected to fit in her stomach. She's quiet now...
1-4 of 4 Results