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  1. Bernese puppy looking too thin even with enough feeding!?

    Dog Health
    I have a 4.5 month old Bernese mountain dog puppy (female). She is one of the few Berners that aren't fluffy from birth...her fur is much more shiny and short. Because of this it's really easy to see how thin she is! I feed her 2 cups of food twice a day (Hills Science Diet large breed puppy...
  2. Is My Dog Skinny

    Dog Health
    I think my dog is perfect for his size i've had a few people tell me he is skinny, including my Dad. Most of these people have overweight dogs themselves but I want my dog to be completely healthy not too skinny or too large. The vet has never mentioned anything apart from saying he is very...
  3. Kyras fur

    Dog Health
    Kyras a 9 month old Jack Russell/Min Pin mix. Her old owner said she had just shed her puppy coat (though I have never seen a dog do this?! I have read about it?!... Anybody clarify?) Anywho, her fur is now very thin and she has quite dry skin. It is thinnest on top of her head and her back...