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  1. Introductions
    We're new to forum, hailing from Asheville, NC. We're training a mastiff therapy dog (NOT Service Dog) and just passed our AKC CGC test. He's been socialized since 7 weeks old, with everything, everyone you can think of, and we're starting to do some scent work. Look forward to checking out this...
  2. Working Dogs
    Dementia Dog is a research and design project looking at the benefits that dogs can bring to people with dementia. We are looking at how dogs can help through the emotional benefits of companionship, the social aspects of walking with a dog and how a dog can help you sustain a routine and...
  3. Working Dogs
    Therapy Dogs International, the oldest and most experienced therapy dog organization has published all past and present awardees on its website and has announced a brand new title! Therapy Dogs International Announces New Therapy Dog Title & Publishes All Title Awardees on Website | PRLog
1-3 of 3 Results