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  1. Breeding for therapy in residential treatment.

    General Dog Discussion
    Maybe this isn't the right place for this, but I'm desperate. My employer has given me the opportunity to oversee and manage a breeding program for our young boys who struggle with a broad array of maladaptive behaviors. He has asked me to design the kennel and write up a contract for those who...
  2. How to legally have an Emotional Support Animal?

    Working Dogs
    I have been diagnosed and suffer from anxiety and often have anxiety attacks due to everyday stress-related situations. Especially work. I have been on medication since I was a in grade school. Recently I adopted a dog and it's amazing how much he helps my anxiety. I haven't had an anxiety...
  3. Hi from Gaaawgia!

    Hi there, my name's Diane and I'm mom to 3 dogs, 2 cats and an African Gray parrot. The dogs are a Black Lab mix named Roxie, a Coonhound/Greyhound mix named Teddy and a tripawd Chihuahua named Yogi. Our cats are Mama Kitty and Lucille and our parrot is Sydney. I'm interested in seeing if...
  4. Therapy Dog Advanced Callings

    Working Dogs
    Ion and I have been a registered a therapy dog team for close to a year and a half now. He's such a sweet boy with an amazing skill set. Recently we discovered a newer group forming in the area specifically for hospice work. Not many know this, but my father was in hospice when Ion wasn't even a...
  5. Getting Dog Certified as a Therapy Dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello All! I live in Massachusetts and would like to get my dog certified as a therapy dog. How does this work exactly. Must I register for a team or can I get him certified privately? I have heard that they hold Therapy dog tests at pet stores around the Boston Area. Thanks for any advice...
  6. Therapy dog?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm wondering if my 5-month pup might make a good therapy dog. How would I go about exploring this? I'm not sure who to talk to or how to even explore this idea. A bit about the dog: he is reasonably calm around strangers, afraid of nothing, and has a sweet nature. He's 3/4 border collie and...