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territorial aggression

  1. My yorkie hates my new puppy, help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My very small, 3lb female, yorkie is very aggressive with my new male, golden/husky puppy. I can't take them on walks, I feel worried to leave them alone, and it is a constant that she growls, barks, and nips at him when he comes near her. Usually it starts with him trying to play with her by...
  2. New Dog's Behaviour Toward Resident Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    ---Detailed Version: (Scroll to bottom for summarized version of the post)--- I have a couple of questions and need advice. I will preface my post with a few details. My husband and I live with his grandparents and their 6 year old Maltese they have had since he was a puppy. We have lived with...
  3. Introducing new dogs to the house

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I’m getting a new roommate and they are bringing dogs but I’m afraid that my bigger dog will attack her as she did to other dogs befor ?
  4. How Can I fix My Dog's Territorial Behavior?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So my partner and I both work as seasonal workers in national parks. During our in-between seasons, we stay at their parents' house and stay in the garage so we have space to ourselves. Our new dog Ranger, a Catahoula, gets out to the dog park regularly and runs in the backyard with the other...
  5. My Male MORKIE has territorial aggression towards my new rescued Male YORKIE POODLE

    Hello, my name is Amaury and I recently rescued a male (Yorkie/Poodle) (the vet told me he could be anywhere from 4 to 5 years old) and I introduced him to my older male dog (Yorkie/Maltese) whose 6 years old. My mom and I took both of the dogs out for walks. I'm walking my newer dog (Max) and...
  6. One year old Great Dane is being aggressive to other Three Year old male

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off we have 3 great danes, one Female (Storm), 6 years, and two males that are 3 (Tiberius) and 1 (Tommy). The two males are whom we are having issues with. The youngest dog, Thomas, is mine and since I am living with my parents it is a three dog household. This mostly only relates to how...
  7. Is my dog is acting aggressively or territorial?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I have a two year old desexed bull terrier x Staffordshire bull terrier who we got as a 9 week old puppy. Ever since we brought him home he's been lovely toward my family and I, and he has never bitten or growled (he does happily grumble when we first get home however) at any of us...
  8. Dog Barks Furiously at other Dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello. I'm looking for some advice on how to handle this dog situation. The Situation: I have a 8 year old 15lb boy Shiz-Tue Poodle mix that we have had since he was a new born pup. He's a sweet, mellow dog except that for as long as I can remember, he has bark ferociously at every stranger...
  9. dog won't come in new home..HELP! its cold out

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need female dog (7 years) will not come into our new house. Its snowing..freezing outside and yet she will not enter this house. It is my boyfriends house..he also has a male dog. They've had a violent relationship in the past but now they have adjusted to each other. She is...
  10. Fence aggression

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 14 month old Great Dane female and the neighbors I share a chain link fence with have a 3 year old pit-bull mix. They never really had any issue, my Dane would try to play, but the pit-bull just ignored her. They just got another pit-bull mix and now it is WWII. My Dane broke her...
  11. barking at approaching strangers and unfamiliar dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need tips and ideas as to how to stop what I assume is territorial barking, but correct me if I'm wrong! I adopted Abbie from the shelter about 5 months ago. Initially, I noticed that she was very timid and nervous around strangers and unfamiliar dogs. She'd avoid, bark, cower, growl (but...
  12. Dog showing aggressive/territorial, fear, RG? behaviors

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 2.5 yo, 40 lb border collie/springer mix is suddenly showing some aggressive behaviors. I'm unsure if it is RG but seems to be more territorial as opposed to object based. It also seems to be fear based. At first it was territorial and directed only at other/new dogs. He was jumped a bit...
  13. My dog is territorial

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have an 80 lb pit bull, and yes I know his breed isn't the issue here, but as far as my neighbors are concerned what follows makes all the difference. I had the storm door closed and the main door open while I went upstairs and changed after getting home from work. A delivery man approached...