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  1. Jack Russell Mix Help Identifying

    Dog Breeds
    We have a four year old Jack Russell mix. He’s 45 lbs and we cannot figure out what he is mixed with. We always assumed maybe a mix of terriers and he does have a tendency to curl his paw and point when he sees an animal in a tree. I saw a rat terrier today and was surprised at how much they...
  2. Need Advice for Fighting Dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    In October, I lost the love of my life, my 17yr old beagle. We still had another 3 year old beagle boy. A few months later, we offered to temporarily take custody of an un-neutered male terrier. He was kind of weak and sick to begin with, but we got him on the road to recovery. Temporarily...
  3. How can I feed my dogs without a brawl?

    Puppy Help
    I have 3 dogs. A 7 y/o English Springer Spaniel, a 6 y/o Basset Hound (adopted < 3 years ago), and a terrier mix puppy going on 1. The puppy doesn't like eating in front of the Springer because the Springer will eat his food if a human isn't looking. Sometimes he'll growl at the Springer and...
  4. Four dogs in need of training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, my mum's four dogs are having some difficulty with training and I was hoping someone here could give advice! :) A little backstory (okay, a lot, heh): About two weeks ago I moved back in with my mum at her country home to do some saving, and to take advantage of the countryside in the...
  5. Condemned Terrier Mix

    Dog Breeds
    I rescued Peanut in 2010 the day before she was to be executed. In a way, we saved each others' lives. She is so gorgeous but since she was picked up by animal control, there are no records as to what breed she is. To me, she looks like part schnauzer, part terrier, however when she's wet she...