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  1. Does my dog sound like a lab/coonhound mix to you?

    Dog Breeds
    I adopted the sweetest dog, Morris, from a shelter about 6 months ago. He was listed as just a lab mix. The shelter didn't get his age right (they said he was 7-vet said no older than 4) so it's possible they didn't get his breed right but I think he's definitely part lab because he has a...
  2. Italian Greyhound advice Needed

    Dog Breeds
    So I am looking to add a new addition to my family and I've always been taken with the Italian Greyhound. All the Italian Greyhounds I've met (and by "all" I mean I've met 3) have been shaking and seemed a little nervous, but very docile and stuck close to their owner. After researching though...
  3. How do YOU assess temperament?

    General Dog Discussion
    From the research I've done so far, there seem to be some conflicts with how people like to go about "testing" temperament when taking on a new puppy or dog. Some rescues colour code their dogs to give a basic idea of temperament and any behavioral issues, of course along with descriptions, but...
  4. Change in Temperament - Akita

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, First time poster here. I've had my Akita, Max, since he was a puppy. He's 2 years old now, and I have never, ever had a problem with his temperament...until now. He went to training school as a puppy, was constantly socialized, plays very well with other dogs, and was always...
  5. My German Shepherd puppy wants nothing to do with me!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    About two weeks ago I got a 3 month old german shepherd puppy. I had to catch her in the large pin her mother, father, and siblings were caged in. The adult dogs were beautiful and friendly; however, the puppies were very very frightful towards people and cowered to the farthest corner of the...
  6. What Breeds Rite For Me?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi i am thinking of getting a dog but am not sure what breed of dog is going to be rite for me and was wondering if anyone could help? I am looking for a small dog that i can pick up, that is good with other people and children, and that gets on well with other animals. Can anyone help? Many...
  7. Chihuahua Owners

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi I'm thinking of getting a dog and wasn't sure what breed was going to be rite for me, recently i've been looking into Chihuahuas. Is there any owners of Chihuahuas out there that wouldn't mind telling me about the temperament of there dog? i would like any dog i get to be good with people and...