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  1. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi just wondered if anyone has any suggestions. we have two mixed breed 5month old puppies. They are truly frightened of the TV. We have tried to only have soothing images on the box with the sound down. I have tried it with no sound and no colour. We have spent days giving treats every time the...
  2. Dog Shows
    i found this video online, i think it's a show where they put up web videos on their website regarding different types of dog activities. they did an episode on Show Dogs and I thought i would share it in this thread! take a look, it might be fun to watch! Best In Show – The Pet Network
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    This is my third post. Our puppy just recently showed fear of the tv. My husband just started playing the PS3 and our puppy just started darting away from my arms, running to the kitchen, to the hallway and back to the living room but stays away from my husband and me. She did not want to go...
  4. Dog Breeds
    Does anyone else here have an Akita, and if so do they do this growling/talking thing whenever you come home or are happy to see something/someone. Mine does and it's awesome. I've been meaning to get it on camera and I'll to to soon. You should check out my channel of videos of my Akita. Just...
  5. Dog Pictures and Videos
    akitadog24 - YouTube I know it's not a picture but this is the most related area I could find to post this. On my Youtube channel I have many videos of my Akita, some as a puppy and adult. I just uploaded a video of him attacking a dog on the TV. Please check it out!! Thanks
  6. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey guys, Random question here! I work in TV development and am trying to set up a show featuring owners and their dogs getting ready for an upcoming event. We really love this world and are looking for some big characters/trainers to take us in. Would love to chat if you had a free minute...
  7. Dog Training and Behavior
    Recently my 16 month old Weimaraner has gone crazy whenever another animal appears on the TV. I tell him to get "out" of the room and he will leave only to whine like crazy in the next room. I just wondered if anyone else had this problem with their dog and how to correct it. I like watching dog...
1-7 of 13 Results