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  1. Teething Questions

    General Dog Discussion
    Luna is my first indoor dog. Growing up we had dogs that stayed outside and other than making sure they had the proper shots we did not closely watch problems like teething. Luna started to lose her first incisors about 2 weeks ago and they came out with no problems. Now she has a canine loose...
  2. Toes... My puppies' obsession with them!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Ok so my puppy is adorable; he has all the normal quirks -- barks for attention, loves to play, adores his naps, etc. BUT he is just the most chewiest chewer! Whenever he plays he throws himself at every knob, edge, string, thing he can find and chew and he attacks his tosys like he hasn't eaten...
  3. Dog chewing on Walls

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I have two puppies, an 8 month old beagle/chihuahua (Jupiter) and a 4 month old beagle/dachshund (Rosie). Jupiter was not house trained when we got her, so she is learning alongside Rosie. As a result, both of them are put behind a baby gate in the kitchen at night to cut down on what we...
  4. english bulldog puppy biting fingers hard

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So I have a 2 month old English bulldog and she is great. Real cute and cuddly but she has a wild side that I can't seem to win with. She plays with her toys for less than a minute and then goes back to biting fingers and toes and any other flesh she can. I have tried to yelp and scream but...
  5. 6 month old teething pup problem

    Puppy Help
    So I just recently fostered Leo, a mutt from the local Humane Society, almost everything has gone smoothly with the exception of his teething. He seems to only want to chew on fabric things (shirts, blankets, sheets, ect) When I see him doing this I give him a stern "N0" and try and replace...
  6. Rotten Teeth & Gums In 6 Month Old Bitch

    Dog Health
    Hi our neighbour has decided to move home and have decided they no longer want one of there dogs, she is 6 months old and ridgeback possibly ridge back x collie, we have had her for 2 days trying to get her to settle in as next door dont want her around whilst there moving either, sadley tonight...
  7. Teething and working out age of puppy.

    Dog Health
    I can't find any information about what order dogs get their adult teeth in. Does anyone know? When I got Ben, 3 weeks ago, his front teeth were only just through, but he had what seemed to be a full set of molars at the back. There were gaps between the canines and molars. Today, I've felt...
  8. Border Collie - 7 Months - Few Problems

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Myself, my wife, 2 children and 2 cats (honest lol) decided it was time that we started to look for a dog, in the end we picked a border collie for their intelligence, weve had him 4 days now and he's pretty well behaved, He sits, gives paw, jumps and goes to bed (any random place lol) on...