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  1. Dog Teeth

    Dog Grooming
    How do my dogs teeth look? I brush them daily. I can post more pictures if these aren’t good enough. I’m just worried about the dark spot on the upper part on the teeth shown
  2. Puppy to Adult Yellowing Teeth and When Should I Worry

    Dog Health
    My large standard poodle has just passed one year old, and with brushing every other day to every 3 days at worst, 1-2 of his teeth are already becoming yellow/stained. One side is worse than the other, but it's in the same location and I focus on these parts the most during brushing. I've heard...

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need help. I have a pit who is 1 years old, crazy anxiety, on 400mg of trazadone a day. She just got a new impact dog crate, she’s chewing and scratching the inside. Her teeth are all silver. I’m afraid she’s going to break her teeth. I need ideas on what to line the inside of the crate walls...
  4. My dog is eating bricks??

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all! My dog has begun to take an affinity with our (now sealed) brick fireplace. She gnaws and licks the brick and mortar, and recently managed to chip a piece off with her paw and proceed to try and eat it. I'm confused as to why she's doing this (it HAS to hurt) and any thoughts on how to...
  5. Chewing too hard on bone?

    Dog Health
    Hi, this is a vid of my heeler chewing on her antler. I'm not really sure where the line between nicely-entertaining-myself-with-a-bone and destroying-my-teeth-attacking-this-thing-until-it-dies is. Should I be worried that she might break a tooth or is this normal acceptable gnawing? I don't...
  6. Enamel hypoplasia in shelter dog

    New Additions
    I am thinking of adopting a sweet 3 year old dog from the homeless shelter. He was a stray and must have suffered from a distemper infection when he was young because the shelter said he suffers from enamel hypoplasia. Has anyone dealt with this before? This poor dog deserves a loving home...
  7. Bad Breath?

    Dog Grooming
    Hey everyone! I've been having trouble with my dog's breath and can probably used a couple of tips to make it smell better. I want to get her teeth cleaned ASAP at the vet, but want to be able to maintain good doggie breath. I just bought her a KONG toy so she can chew on it, but she's not...
  8. Bone advice for teeth cleaning

    Dog Food
    Hello all, first post here so be nice :) We feed our pup a raw food diet and have been giving him bones as a supplement to his usual diet, primarily for teeth cleaning (he has a bad underbite). We have given him two types of bone so far, femurs and knuckles. I read knuckles are good for...
  9. Two rows of baby teeth

    Dog Health
    So Raiden (Border Terrier) is 18 weeks old, and has two rows of top teeth. I've researched online and everyone talks about how bad it is because as the retained baby teeth and new teeth are so crushed together tartar builds up and it can cause issues...but Raiden's top teeth are really spaced...
  10. Dog's teeth at 5 months/underbite

    Dog Health
    Hey y'all. Just want some opinions on my pug mix puppy's teeth. When she first arrived (at about 4 months old) she seemed to have an underbite, but didn't have any teeth showing when her mouth was closed. One month later it's a different story. Her lower teeth show a little. I've read dogs'...
  11. Where do you buy your chicken necks?

    Dog Food
    I was wanting to get some for our dogs as treats and to help with teeth cleaning as I read that they're one of the best things to give but I can't seem to find any. I called the three butchers that were anywhere close to us and none of them sold them or could get them. Where do you guys buy...
  12. Help Me My dog has tarter

    Dog Grooming
    Hi everyone, I have a Shiba Inu and he is three years old. He has recently been to the vet and they spotted some tarter on his teeth. They recommended that I bring him in and they would put him under some anesthesia. There must be a simpler way! Does anyone have any pointers on brushing teeth...
  13. Broken Molar

    Dog Health
    Hi all, my dog broke the biggest tooth in his mouth (the upper 4th premolar or the carnassial tooth). my vet told me that I have 2 options. Either root canal or extraction. Will my dog not chew on that side without that tooth? Will he miss that tooth?
  14. My Dog Chews Rocks.

    Dog Health
    So my boy Biscuit is 7 months old now, and he still obsesses over every little speck he sees. Namely, rocks.:eyeroll: My driveway is gravel, and he just grabs rocks and chews them endlessly. Sometimes he eats them too. Is this bad for his teeth? Is there a way I can stop it? Thanks! (P.S. He...
  15. Should i be doing stuff to keep her teeth clean?

    General Dog Discussion
    A few people have told me what nice clean teeth Cinders has. She's not yet 2 so its likely just that she's still young. Looking back now we probably should have thought about our dogs dental health - i remember my childhood dog having to loose some teeth as she got old. I'd love to keep Cinders'...
  16. Dog toys are destroying my dogs teeth

    Dog Health
    Today me and Blackjack went to the vet for his boooster jabs and his annual checkup and the vet noticed that his canines were showing signs of wear, I regularly check his teeth but i hadn't noticed this until the vet pointed it out to me. Obviously its in its early stages but we want to stop it...
  17. Dog with heart disease getting a sedated dental cleaning?

    Dog Health
    I have a little 8 year old Chihuahua who has the beginning stages of heart disease. She has a grade 2 heart murmur and a bit of plaque on one of her valves. She has had it for at least a year (maybe 2-3 years) and has no symptoms and is not on any medication. She has quite a bit of tartar...
  18. Is root canal necessary for small chipped tooth?

    Dog Health
    Hi, I have a 1.5 year old dog and noticed a small chip on her tooth with a small exposure of pulp. I took her to the vet and she sent me to a vet dentist to see what my options are since it could lead to an infected tooth down the road. The vet dentist immediately said a root canal is...
  19. Is a dental cleaning worth the risk?

    Dog Health
    I know this is long, but please read! I really need lots of opinions. Thank you. My chihuahua needed a teeth cleaning last year so we scheduled an appointment in November. But then 2 weeks before the cleaning appointment, she had a bad episode of neck and back pain (it never happened before and...
  20. Horrible, Fishy breath?

    Dog Health
    I have two large (65+ lbs) dogs, ages 4 and 8-9ish. Both of them have developed terrible breath. It literally smells like a dead fish that has been baking in the sun. I can't, for the life of me, figure it out. I've tried brushing their teeth, changing food, dental sticks, everything. Their...